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7:53 AM
Jan 27, 2009


lakshmi mohan

Respected sir,
I?m Lakshmi Mohan and I?m writing this as a last resort to prove & speak my family?s grievances. This is the whole story of how we got involved in a criminal 420 case& what we are going through, my family is in a situation were we are tied up &there is no one to speak for us.
Mine is a 3member family. My Father Mohan Chandran just retired as a under secretary from Home Department in NOV(secretariat)my mom Hemalatha was working in Dhanlakshmi bank as a customer relation officer. She has the working experience of 30yrs in the same bank. She had also been meritoriously awarded for her work and has a clean work history. I was working as a hostess in Air India Express for 2years. I recently got promoted as a senior hostess right before this issue & I was happily transferred to my native place from my last working base in Cochin on sept. At the time of this mishaps.
I met Sabari (the prime accused in the sensational & financial fraud case, total 4u in Kerala) in Frankfinn institute of air hostess training in Tvm. I was working in Techno Park as well as studying there. He was in a different batch. He was just an acquaintance to me like many others in that institute. It was on the event of the death of my elder sister ?DEEPTHI? that Sabari first came to our house like many of my friends. My elder sister Chinnu was 23yrs old when she died on Jan(2007).She was a crippled baby right from birth. She had to be taken care like a new born baby till her last days as she was completely physically, mentally challenged. She couldn?t even see, speak, or even move her limbs & was totally bed ridden. we took care of her without a servant till her death. My mother did not take officer post when her mates are now the zonal managers &my father lost his 8 years of service as he resigned from agriculture dept & taken job in secretariat for being in Trivandrum & to avoid transfer. Chinnu was always in bed with medicines & prone to diseases as she was not like a normal child. we didn?t even have a normal family life. Her death was a big blow to our family especially my mom who was almost devastated because her whole world was around Chinnu & her 9 to5 job. Even before completing 1 month after her death I was called for reporting in Bombay as I got selected as a hostess for the interview I had given long back. I opted my family?s decision to get over the trauma & thus I resigned my work in Technopark. It was a big decision for me & my family even before getting the track back, we had to split apart. I have never stayed away from my family till that time. It was during my 3 months of training in Bombay that I heard from my mom that Sabari used to visit her & that he was a great relief. I too was honestly happy to know that my family was getting out from this loneliness. Thus I started being a good friend of him when my family was also happy with him. My parents considered him as their own son. he exploited my sister?s & my absence to get close to my parents
Sabari called me his sister even introduced me to his friends & family thus. . I even have those messages telling that I am the world?s best sister and so on by Sabari. He told that he sees me in the place of his dead brother ?Achu?.who was like me in character & shared same birthdays. He said he was an engineering student who died on a bike accident & that his absence had mentally disturbed him. As he was younger to me by 2yrs & was like a childish person I too pampered him & loved him & we all were like one big family. All my friends, colleague & relatives know him & saw him as my own brother (to clarify this u can enquire my colleagues in express who knows me & seen him many time with my family too)
Another reason for this unusual bounding was that he told us that he was suffering from brain tumor, when he pretended to have bleeding from his nose. He forced us to keep it as a secret & not to tell his parents as they can?t bear the tragedy of fear of loosing their second son. He convinced us that he was undergoing treatment in Calicut. He told that it?s very important that his personal life should not affect his business.
During the end of November time I got a transfer to Kochi when my flying base shifted from Mangalore .Few days after that I and my father (my father requested a transfer from Trivandrum to cochin (on deputation) for him, to stay with me) shifted to a flat in vyttila .Sabari had taken this flat for his staff who was working for his office in Ernakulam. But when my base was shifted I had only 7days time to settle down and I had to fly after that .so he forced us to take accommodation in the flat till he started his office and recruited his staff there. (his office started very late which took almost half a year.)
As time passed Sabari (pet named as Akku) turned to be more odd in his behavior. It was when I got a marriage proposal from my friend and colleague from Techno Park (Mr.Ajith Kumar Panikar who worked in my previous company Allianz Cornhill). Ajith also knew Sabari and they were friends till Ajith moved his proposal.It came to all of us as a shock the later behavior of this guy. Initially we thought it was his attachment and fear of loosing me as a sister after my marriage that has lost his temper and we tried to pacify him. But situation stiffened and Sabari started showing the other side of the face that we never came across. He started picking up fights with Ajith, me and my family .He even said he will kill me and messaged me that he wont let me live in peace with anyone (I still have those message Sabari had send me in this regard and also Ajith?s message telling me that he is getting affected by Sabari?s remarks (These things were told to the investigating officer when my mother surrendered .Printouts of these sms were handed over to my mother?s first advocate Mr.Jayachandran to present it over to the investigating officer. we came to know that it was handed over ) Due to these instances I lost the proposal which was very close to marriage, & nowMr.Ajith is a married person & I don?t have any contacts with him. It was the toughest of the time that I & my family had to go through. (Because of this conflict, my cousin sister Mili who was a staff in his firm was about to resign from office, her resignation& was already been reported to her GM) My family had also deposited a significant sum in his firm & had plans to withdraw it.)This time we rang up Sabari?s mom to have a word (Sabari always kept away our family from contacting his parents. he had many reasons to justify his statements.)& it was on our surprise that we found that Sabari didn?t even have a brother & his mom actually had an abortion of her first child. She even asked me to take him to a good psychiatrist, when I briefed her all that he made us believe. The brain tumor story, about his parents & family & so on. sabari has also told about a girl named Rimi in Palaghat whom he said to his mom as his lover) Rimi was a Frankfinn student from Calicut (native of Palaghat)having relationship with Sabari at that time. I had spoken to Rimi and even she was astonished like me. Sabari had told his tumor story & his brother?s story to her too with some changes.He broke up with Rimi on this regard. I think she too was an innocent victim like me. Sabari had even put forward a marriage proposal to her. Rimi & her parents have been once the guest of Sabari for a day in Sabari?s flat (Kuravankonam). Sabari?s house keeper Sony knows about this. Sabari was the one who took their daughter to the kingfisher interview (I have messages that Rimi has sent me telling how Sabari was, even pacifying me to forget the trap that I fall into. Bineef (19th accused of this case) is another person who knows about this relation of Sabari as he accompanied Sabari on his Calicut visit to her place.
There were huge gaps that build between us & Sabari during this time. I even attended counseling because of these mental tortures, my work too was affected & I had taken many leaves during this time Even my mom was deeply pained to know that he was treating us as his puppets.
During this time of agony we had made a contract with the house owner & took over the flat as Sabari didn?t need the flat as all his office staff was all natives of Ernakulam as said by Sabari.
After a few weeks time Sabari was again in terms with us as he said he was very sorry for his thought less actions.We now realize that this was his cunning move.He rarely visited our family& we heard from his office staff that he was having a relation with a girl named Neha who was a creative director for his tot music .in his SJR office( 2nd year graduate in music in women?s college.) He told he was getting engaged in this December with her. Her mother too was a frequent visitor to this office&all the staff in SJR knew about their relation& this is the whole story.we wont even see such things in films as its very complex but this is exactly what happened in my life. I personally have no connections with his office&I am not an agent or canvassed anyone to invest in his firm nor have I gained anything through him.(to prove this none of my colleague or friends had invested here)
I had meager personal relation with this guy whom I trusted & I it had cost whole my life & had burned my whole family into ashes. We came to know we were made the accused only when our names flashed in the TV.I?ve never been questioned once by authorities before making me the accused. it was according to our advocate?s decision that we went absconding because of the fear of being arrested & remanded.I wanted to speak out this truth desperately,every time I & my family were mercilessly stripped in public by inhuman sadistic media remarks.I even gave an interview to Deshabimani (a local news paper) Vijayan,a reporter about 3 months back itself but that was never published. It?s we who are been cheated & looted our dignity to the extent that our morals are even been questioned. My mom voluntarily accepted the arrest upon the confidence that the police after finding the truth would let her go & spare us. As they guaranteed. But the scenario has changed.The officers who pitied on us are now mercilessly fixing new cases on my mom?s name who is already in jail for more than 120 days now without bails.It seems that here my whole family is targeted because of Sabari?s petty revenge, initially me&my mom then my sister Mili & now my uncle suresh who is an advocate. Everyone in our family was against his proposal, so now I think he is trying to trap each members in the family
Police says that Mr. Joe, Sabari?s personal staff has given the statement that cash were brought to my house in jute sacks from the 3 offices (nest, total, total 4 u) & also the collection from his TOT music for 1 &a half months. That my mom had not deposited this money in bank.
(TOT music was inaugurated only on 23 of Aug in le meridian in Kochi. just one week before his arrest. Then how did Sabari get income from this TOT music which was not even started?None of my family members was even present for the inaugural function)Joe was depromoted from Sabari?s office for some financial malpractice and so vanished from the office for some period who later convinced Sabari some way to get into his new SJR office. If Joe had handed crores to Hema as mentioned, how can such a huge amount without any document signed mutually can be handed over to Hema? As it?s said huge sum that receipt is a security for both the parties so they are not at risk as it?s necessary & important to ensure that they had handed over the exact amount of cash. Its surprising that significant amounts have vanished and the vanishing didn?t come to Sabari?s or his personal staff?s notice. its said Sabari is doing his trading business with the day to day cash collected, so where did Sabari get money to run his office when he got nothing out of the business for one & half month? What was the interest behind Sabari to hand over the day to day collection to my mom & that too just for this time .Why should Sabari ask his staff to hand over the cash to my mom when he himself and all staff has a/c in Dhanlakshmi bank & are regular visitors of the bank?
Even Sabari visits the bank frequently & how come he did not know that the money hasn?t reached his accounts. So this an irrelevant statement made by Joe. Police had made search in our house also & they dint get anything in favor of this or any jute sacks as claimed.
According to media,Police claims that Hema has 5 a/c through which crores of transaction were made with TOTAL?s a/c. Hema has got only joint a/c with her family members (mother, sisters, & niece) & that too opened before years (10 to 15 years) for the convenience of transaction for her family members with their concern, & this were known by the bank officials too.Transaction were made from these a/c to TOTAL?s a/c as the family members were the customers of TOTAL & it never came up to crores of rupees.
My mother was charged for being a binami, for owning an Innova car where as she was unaware of this car till the time it came up in the media. She hasn?t even seen this car before. (Police found that this car was in the custody of DR.Ramani who was using it, who is another accused in this case). if Sabari has taken a car for his benefit (may be for a tax benefit or to escape an accident claim)he is at fault to have misused the personal documents like ration card, pan card & other id or address proof which was entrusted upon him to be an investor in his firm. Sabari collected his customer?s very personal details &documents who invested about 5 lakhs in his firm for a free MetLife insurance. It?s very evident that the signature of my mom is forged too, a case has been filed against Sabari by us for this. The paper retrieved from RTO office regarding the ownership details is a proof for it. The only car that our family owns is a UNO car on my father?s name, which is on a vehicle loan. We are neither an agent or Financial advisor but mere customers of TOTAL. Who lost our money too. We have given affidavit on the wrong statement that my mom has property outside the state & has lots of money deposited in Mercantile Banks. A Cedia car was taken on my name from Marikar?Motors Tvm states that Sabari mentions his relationship with the owner as his sister. We came to know about this car only when the manager personally came looking for me in my home saying that if I pay 1.25 lakhs I can own a Cedia sports car which Sabari has taken on my name. We had no intention to own this & so we had registered a complaint to the police on this regard soon after we came to know about this. it also had been taken on my forged signature. Anyone can understand the variants of our original & the forged signature (mine & my moms). when things are these crystal clear people who are having normal family background are caught & even put in jail our families are being tortured & harassed by customers due to false media publicity & Sabari?s statements on one hand& police, its to an extent that we cant even come out in public to claim our innocence. BMW car is registered on Sabari?s name. Where as the wrong claim was put on me by media. That I was the one using his car & driving it for my use & that was a gift from Sabari to his girlfriend. But I don?t even know driving. I?ve no links in this firm except that I went for the office inaugural functions once or twice along with my family. Like our other Frankfinn friends .who was present there. (Abhisha who in now the crew like me in air India express (Calicut based) was present in his inaugural function of Nest office in medical college, she too knows what kind of relation we shared & I?ve messages from her asking me stunningly asking about the false media reports relating me & Sabari)I have not received any commission or incentives & I have not even a signed any receipt for the same to tag me as the accused.
Above all when Sabari came into our family he introduced to us just as a BDS student in Calicut (he has told the same to Rimi also)its after few months time that we came to know about his business & that he asked us to invest. We are now trapped by Sabari, media, public & now police. it?s now that people who say as customers who even haven?t seen us are telling that we have forced them to put money in his firm without any proper grounds. & police fix case against my mom not letting her get out of the jail. When people move for anticipatory bails in the court (high court) court asked them to surrender within the speculated time. In that fear we haven?t applied for the same. No one is there to go & visit my mom in jail or in the court to help us. My father who has just retired (in gazetteer post ) on high regards & opinion is now on his toes because for the threat that any time he too can get arrested as his daughter is absconding & customers are threatening to file a false case against him saying that he had influenced them to deposit in this firm and is another target of sabari. It?s sickening & terrible to see a father & as a husband striving to fight all odds & is only there to do something for us. It?s a hard fate to meet the advocate for his family in dark hours .he is no position to even be at home as many times he was hunted in his own home 3 to 4 times by the police.
My family was even in the verge of thinking about suicides, but the only thing that prevented us was we don?t want to die as a culprit in front of the public. The only strength they we get is from close links who knows all the truth but are helpless now for the fear of being involved in this case.
It?s inhuman especially to picture ladies & a girl of marriageable age to this level of disgrace & indecency. (The article in the? Fire? magazine is an example)Anyone who just had some time for knowing these truth before shattering there small domestic lives of heaven to rags, & who even understood the value of a women in their family wouldn?t have gone to strip with cruel sadistic journalism. We plead the media & the authorities at least not to write nor comment to the public about what their imagination tells about the already burdened & broken minds & families we don?t have anyone to look upon & even lost faith in God. Nobody can replace for what they have gone through. People may forget & forgive when truth comes out one day but things that we lost never comes back so easily, money, job above all our self esteem. Common man in this country or any where has nothing to say his own other than that. Our normal life is shattered by the statements and revenge of a plus 2 failed guy of 21yrs old. who didn?t have any good background .its very natural that when the whole public & more than 3000 people who was renowned in many fields were fooled by the shroud & cunning Sabari & we were no exceptions & was innocent who fell on his emotional trap.
When I searched in ?

I saw the album ?born in Kerala? released under his production. It seems that the release has been made even after his arrest, which itself shows that Sabari has all the needed links outside & some innocent few are just caught who fell for his treachery & showoff?s. This is all I have to say .I has poured out my heart in this mail & I can acknowledge whatever in this is the truth I know. I can only prove that the details I told you are true, by showing the SMS that I?ve in my mobile with date time, with respective phone number of Sabari, Ajith, & Rimi. I also have the handwritten letter by Sabari which he wrote to me confessing all the lies he had told me & again swearing on his love for me & the birthday card he has given me on which he had written that am like a sister to him. If these are not enough or cooked up, I am just helpless. I kept all this SMS & letter not expecting that it will help some day but it was just god?s grace that I still keep it. & these things now came handy & helped us to prove what I said. The situation of my family is very pathetic. Our accounts are free zed. I?m also under suspension like my mom. We have also lost our credibility in the public. All the members in my family are now jobless & are in a sinking stage due to severe humiliation & media publicity. I am the only daughter of my parents & their only hope. But I don?t even see any thing for our future. For the past 23 years we were looking after my elder sister who was mentally & physically handicapped. Now these issues are like the worst anyone can come across.Sabari has won here by making all the destructions that he can make, by just making false statements. We had faced the worst of all for being innocent human.
Sabari enjoys all the benefits of his age & act as an innocent kid around the whole cunning game. Where as I?m just 23yrs crucified, ridiculed in front of the public in spite being a girl of marriageable age without any humanitarian consideration or thought. When jurisdiction say not one innocent to be punished even if 1000 criminals escape. What we see is not even one real culprit except for Sabari is arrested & all innocent?s arrested & their families put through hell. Where as for many similar&420cases like Himalaya enterprises, integrated finances,Vini-Vinc in Bangalore are no exceptions but just that here there aren?t 20-25 culprits & not agents & staffs arrested like in this total 4u case for nothing. We are helpless as the jurisdiction & the judges fail to see the truth behind these. Bails were not granted till recently as its a sensational case. they are granting only conditional bails & asking 1 lakh each from 2 people (property solvency for each case) for those who are standing for the bails for the accused. Police is fixing 10 to 12 cases for the same crime .now they made it more stringent by making a order that a person can only stand for bail in 3 cases even if they have enough solvency. In my family there are 4 of us & other two under the threat of customer complaints.(my father and my aunty sasikala,who is mili's mother )so now we can?t stand for each other & help.
Tell us what we are to do?Be in jail because we don?t have money, power or people?unlike some politicians name who just popped up and vanished. My house is on loan & we don?t have much property or liquid cash worth this huge figured like 20 to 30 lakhs to be given as surety for bail. Neither do they accept personal solvency. In this case even in jail there are reservations for people who want to meet them (only 2days are allowed)
What we ask for is an honest enquiry by the higher officials. Public wants to get their money back from those who had cheated on them & not by sending more innocent people. Don?t make this TOTAL4U case turn out to be a total, TOTAL 4(Sabari &BENEFICIARIES) Kerala (the god?s own country) the state which has the highest literacy rate in India & so are the suicidal rates. Without adding more innocent people to this list lets wish that the TRUTH come out tearing the masks of the real ?CULPRITS?!
Please help us & take necessary action at the earliest. Anticipating a positive reply.


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Matthew 6:15 (The Message)

 14-15"In prayer there is a connection between what God does and what you do. You can't get forgiveness from God, for instance, without also forgiving others. If you refuse to do your part, you cut yourself off from God's part.

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